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English: Angry woman.

I’m sure she’s very nice when you get to know her.

If you have an account with any social networking site, the chances are you have been encouraged to complete an ‘About’ box and let your viewers, friends, or followers know something about you. 

We love to pigeonhole people, although we usually don’t like being pigeonholed ourselves.  Being able to compare new people to others we already know and compentmentalize them, gives us a rough idea of what to expect from our acquaintance with them, or reading their blog.   This can lead people to make assumptions that your views and attitudes are similar to other people in the same mental shoe box as you; ie, atheist = aggressive anti-religion.

In a conversation with close friends recently I described myself as a feminist, to which one friend disagreed.  As someone who gets on with men and looks feminine, this fact was not possible in his mind.  Feminism no longer simply means equality and has become somewhat of a derogatory term.  A sad fact that has been discussed widely recently. 

Am I right wing, or left wing?  Well…. broadly right wing, but this does not mean that I’m waving the flag for Cameron, that I’m wealthy, went to public school, or that I don’t know where to get a cheap pasty!  If you look closely at many of the main party policies there is often little real difference.  For example, look at plans for the economy from both Labour and the Conservatives and see if you can ram a sponge finger through the gap.

Of course, we all know we shouldn’t stereotype people, even though we seem hardwired to do so, but how else can we make a judgement about someone we come across online?  I feel for those who join dating websites and know that above description would scream ‘Eternal Spinster’!  Even the compulsory ‘GSOH’ wouldn’t save me.  After all, have you ever met anyone who didn’t think they had a good sense of humour?

So if I don’t tell you anything about myself as an introduction to this blog, please forgive me.  I can tell you that I’m English, female and fit roughly into the categories above, but don’t hold it against me.